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Bike Fitting

Bike Fitting

Wheel Werks offers three different bicycle fitting packages to meet your needs and budget. Whether you are on a hybrid and want a simple seat and handlebar adjustment or you have a Triathlon bike and are looking for a complete fitting for your first Ironman we have a fit tailored for you.

Basic Fit for Hybrid bike Flat Bar – $85

Included in every new bike purchase is the basic fit. We start at your feet and work up from there making sure everything is in alignment with your body and cycling style. A component of the basic bike fit is an assessment of your current and future riding goals. Through this discussion we will be able to better tailor the fit to your needs.

Advanced Fit for road and Tri bikes- $195

By starting with a complete history of your health and riding style we are better able to understand your specific physical issues and limitations. At this time we’ll discuss your future goals and motivations. We’ll assess your flexibility as it applies to cycling and document your existing bike set up and shoe cleats. This will set the foundation or baseline from which the fit will build off. During the fit we will connect your bike to a Compu-trainer, which analyzes your pedal stroke and power output. This can help us pinpoint if any weakness and biomechanical deficiencies are present.

We then move on to precise cleat adjustment that includes, fore and aft, side to side movement and cant. These settings will ensure your leg and feet are tracking in alignment with your body.

Next, we move on to leg extension and fore and aft of saddle position to place you in the most powerful and comfortable spot over the pedals.

Finally, taking into account your flexibility we documented earlier and the starting place of your handlebars and lever controls we’ll make the proper adjustments to find the proper position. This may involve a handle bar and or stem change to get things dialed in just right. Many times it is a simple flip-flop of the stem, moving spacers or just rotating handlebars and controls. If needed a followup may be required after adjusting to the new position.

Retul Fit – $295

The Retul Fit takes everything from the advanced fit to the next level.

Retul is the most advanced bicycle fitting system available on the market today. The system consists of a specialty camera and computer software that utilizes three-dimensional motion capture technology in-conjunction with video analysis. The Retul camera has immediate report capability and a millimeter-specific digitizing tool that provides the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry. The system enables us to analyze left and right side discrepancies allowing us to get you in an optimal power balanced aerodynamic position. Read more.

Quick Fit

Saddle Fitting $50

Saddle Demo Rental $30

Cleat Fitting $75

Parts, if needed, are extra.

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