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Wheel Werks is an enthusiast’s bike shop focused on serving people who love to ride bikes, no matter the discipline. We love introducing new riders to the sport and strive for the best experience we can offer.

At Wheel Werks we start by gaining an understanding of each individual rider’s needs. After discussing a riders goals and motivations we narrow down our focus to a few bikes that meet the budget and expected use. No matter what you love to do on a bicycle, we have the experience and expertise to find you the right bike.

Tell us how YOU want to ride, and let us share our experience with you.

Custom Builds

Don’t be intimidated. Like any bike purchase, we start with what you want the bike to do. It’s that simple. From there we take your body dimensions and work with you to find the best fit possible.

As partners with the best custom builders in the world, we have access to frame design resources that put you in the bike, not on it. We pick the right frame material for you and your needs. We choose tubing for weight, wall thickness and diameter, producing ride characteristics very specific to you as an individual.

Together, we pick each component, often including hand-built wheels. We also pick the perfect add-ons to make the bike your own, no compromises. These are lifetime bikes, with service and warranties to match.

Semi-Custom Builds

Semi-custom means we start with a stock frame set and find the best size for you, refining it further with a personalized fit. We pick components together. Both stock and hand-built wheels are available. Finally, we finish the bike with accessories that meet your needs, no bells and whistles just for the sake of it, but real, useful add-ons.

Production Bikes

Production bikes provide great value. We work with the best brands in the industry, picking models for ride, build, and fit quality. Within this range we cover many disciplines. These bikes can and often are modified to meet the rider’s specific needs.