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Cervelo Bikes

Cervelo Bikes

We believe strongly in Cervelo bicycles because of there vast engineering history and proven results.

The number one bike at Kona Ironman for multiple years, Cervelo as a company takes an engineering-driven approach to performance and it shows in the speed and ride quality of their bikes.

First to make a true aero road bike, they are still a leader in engineering and aerodynamics. The ride of a Cervelo tends to trend toward performance, offering a firm and spirited ride. We like to say they ride similar to a German car, offering a solid but not overly harsh feel with great tactile feedback to the rider.

Exclusively focusing on Road, Triathlon and Time trial bikes has afforded Cervelo an additional edge in the market space. Contact us so we help you choose the right Cervelo for your current and future riding needs.

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Cervelo Bikes

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