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Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles

“One Bike, Yours”

When I opened the shop many years ago I knew I wanted to work with Seven Cycles. Seven’s unsurpassed attention to detail in every step of the process of building YOUR bike is second to none. There’s a reason their tagline is ‘One Bike, Yours.’

The founder, Rob Vandermark, and his fantastic crew never stop refining their process in the pursuit of a perfect experience from start to finish. Although they are best known for full titanium frames and Ti/carbon mix bikes, they also have some of the best riding steel bikes available today, and they’re proudly made in their Watertown, MA factory.

Every bike is made to order for you and your needs. We view ourselves as an extension of the Seven factory working hand-in-hand with you to craft your dream bike.

The process starts by taking your body measurements and documenting your current bike set up. This information is then sent to Seven and a designer assigned to your build schedules a phone interview with you to talk through your riding preferences and options. The resulting design is sent back to Wheel Werks where we go over the design and discuss any changes or alterations necessary.

Some shops leave you out of this process and just send in a design. We feel the best bikes come from a collaboration between Wheel Werks and Seven. Together we have delivered a myriad of bikes, from crit racing machines to touring bikes that have gone around the world. Combining our 30 years of experience with the vast amount of knowledge they have from having built more than 30,000 custom bikes we can build whatever you want with no compromises.

Contact us to set up a time to talk about your options for a new Seven.

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