BMC – It stands for Bike Manufacturing Company, which tells you a lot about what BMC is trying to do. They strip away as much of the pretense as they can to bring all the focus to an industry leading set of tolerances and a devotion to technological progress that makes their stock size bikes some of the best in each category. They do their own research and development at in-house Impec Lab in Switzerland, and their factory features the absolute state of the art in robotic building processes.

BMC engineers utilize powerful simulation supercomputers, CNC machinery, cutting-edge carbon fiber supplies, and the technical knowledge to bring cutting edge bike concepts to reality. The technical resources and engineering capabilities of the Impec Lab bring the perfect ride to the road, trails, and everything in between.

As a company we find BMC easy to work with. They don’t have the biggest name in the US market, but their bikes are among the very best quality at every price point, and we’re proud to represent them in Chicagoland.