Custom Builds

At Wheel Werks, we believe every rider can benefit from having a bike built just for them. Too many riders think of a custom bike just in terms of the frame geometry and reason that a good bike fitting can give them everything a custom build can deliver. This is a basic misunderstanding of the value our custom partners (Seven and Parlee) can deliver.

First, it’s important to know that bike fit and bike design are two different things. Bike fit puts your hands, butt, and feet in the optimal place in space, so you can ride comfortably and with good power transfer. Bike design takes on the challenge of making the frame’s lengths and angles work for the rider. Custom bike design leads to better handling, better functionality (like proper bottom bracket clearance or better stand over height), and more versatility (like better tire clearance).

Additionally, a custom bike can incorporate features that stock bikes might not, for example, rack and fender mounts, different cable routing, limitless finish options, and custom component choices.

Even “average” size riders benefit from a custom bike, because every rider’s proportions are different. We are more legs, or more torso. Some of us are bow-legged. Some riders are more flexible than others. One-size-very-definitely-doesn’t-fit-all.

Wheel Werks has been specifying and building custom bikes for decades. Let us help you get on the best bike you’ll ever ride, one built just for you.