First, we gathered a range of products we liked, and then asked whether each thing solved a problem our riders really have. We pared down. Then we looked at accessibility. Did we have things that were affordable for the full gamut of riders we serve? We added some things back in. Then we applied our decades experience. We cast a critical eye on our inventory, pared down again, and now we have an offering we’re proud of, made by people we like, that we are committed to supporting for the long haul.

Cannondale – One of the big four bike companies, and the one we feel has the keenest eye for value AND innovation. We offer the full line of Cannondale bikes, from entry-level to the latest pro model.

BMC – The Swiss bikemaker has a strict set of tolerances and a devotion to technological progress that makes their stock size bikes some of the best in each category.

Cervelo – We love their time trial and triathlon bikes, stiff, carbon speed machines that bristle with aggressive design cues. They just feel fast.

Seven Cycles – American made. Undisputed masters of custom titanium and Ti/carbon bikes. We love that they never ask us to compromise. They propose design features and solutions that deliver more than the rider ever asked for, every time.

Parlee Cycles – American made. Bob Parlee makes the finest, custom carbon bikes on the market today. Parlee also offers a line of stock size bikes that give our riders entrĂ©e to high-end carbon without breaking the bank.