Seven Cycles

Seven Cycles has been the at forefront of American custom frame building for more than two decades. No one in the industry merges cutting-edge materials technology and a data-driven approach to engineering with the fine craft of one-at-a-time bike building like Seven.

Every bike is builtĀ  in their Watertown, MA factory. Each one is designed and constructed for the specific person who will ride it. The level of customization is unsurpassed, with not only fit and comfort, but handling characteristics, ride feel, features, options and aesthetics all up to the rider. Seven does a design interview for each bike, so they treat their riders and their shops like true collaborators.

At Wheel Werks, we’ve been riding and designing bikes with Seven Cycles for nearly twenty years. We believe in what they do, how they do it, and the bikes really do last a lifetime.

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