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When leading a rider to their best possible position on the bike, there is no substitute for experience. Technology can help. Training can help. But there is simply no substitute for the long hours of experience that teach a fitter how the human body, in all its shapes and sizes, best sits on a bike.

Through more than 2500 one-on-one fittings, Wheel Werks’ lead fitter and owner, Bob Olsen, has gathered the experience necessary to optimize your riding experience.

Bob brings nearly three decades of practice to each fitting he performs, whether with world-class athletes or everyday cyclists.

Bob is also a journey man mechanic with 38 years expierence with at levels of

repairs and upgrades.   Having certifications with all the major manufacturers.  Worked with world recourd holders on RAAM and Pro level riders.


Appointment for repairs can be dropped off during showroom hours

Tuesday and Thursday 3-6 and Saturday 11-3

or on the day of at 10am