Cannondale – One of the big four bike companies, and the one we feel has the keenest eye for value AND innovation. Cannondale has its roots in engineering and design.

From their headquarters in Wilton, CT,  they’ve been chiefly responsible for the mainstream introduction of superlight, aluminum bike frames. Many of us remember the beauty and muscularity of their early frames, oversized tubing and aggressive geometries.

This was really an engineer’s approach to making whip fast bikes from the materials of the moment, and aluminum persists as a lower-priced alternative to today’s carbon fiber.


There, too, Cannondale’s designs shine, with elegantly simple graphics on feather light frames made from carbon fiber. Wheel Werks has a long history and intimate familiarity with the Cannondale bike line, which now spans categories and offers something for riders of every age, type and level.